The River Avon

  • To compliment the lakes, there is just under one mile of Upper Chalk Stream Avon
  • This beautiful stretch of river, made famous by the late Frank Sawyer, is renowned for its fantastic brown trout and grayling!
  • The River Avon is stocked with brown trout only, the majority of which are the original Avon browns
  • There is also a good head of grayling, up to 3lb - which makes a great days sporting!
  • With the abundance of thriving insect life on this lovely stretch of river, it becomes a varied food-source for the resident brown trout
  • Fly hatches include: mayfly, damselfly, sedge and many others
  • The river ticket for brown trout is available between April and October
  • A grayling sporting ticket starts from October to March


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